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Seoul, South Korea – 5th January | There is no stopping for EUNEX, as they raised the New Year’s curtain with the recent grand launch of EUNEX Labs Korea.

Seoul, South Korea – 5th January | There is no stopping for EUNEX, as they raised the New Year’s curtain with the recent grand launch of EUNEX Labs Korea. At the newly launched EUNEX Labs Korea, EUNEX has also established two strategic collaborations; with AAESP and ACO & MHSB respectively for the development of innovative digital assets ecosystem.

From left to right; Rex Yeap, Co-Founder of EUNEX, Tadej Slapnik, Chairman of EUNEX, Blaz Golob, President of EUNEX, Alwin Tan, President of EUNEX Labs Korea, Jason H. Jang, CEO of EUNEX Labs Korea, Stella Kim, COO of EUNEX Labs Korea and Dr George So, Chairman of EUBC HUB Hong Kong Node

EUNEX Labs Korea – The Accelerator of New Era

Located in Gangnam-Daero, Seocho-Gu, the all-new EUNEX Labs Korea was officiated on the 5th January 2019 via ribbon cutting and champagne popping ceremony attended by both European and Asian EUNEX team. Jason H. Jang, CEO of EUNEX Labs Korea – welcomed the global team with a treat of Korean traditional performance.

A Korean traditional performance to usher in good business opportunities for

EUNEX Labs Korea

Through its platform – NExLAB, EUNEX Labs Korea positions itself as the accelerator and incubator of only high-quality and reliable Blockchain projects from potential start-ups. Made up of a team of global Blockchain professionals from various industrious backgrounds, EUNEX Labs Korea can provide a diverse analytical, development, maintenance and support services to adopt relevant Blockchain solutions into potential business ideas.

Also present at the grand launching was Prof. Park Young Sook, Chairwoman of European Blockchain HUB (EUBC HUB) South Korea Node

Picking up the momentum of a positive beginning to the year 2019 – at the brand new EUNEX Labs Korea, EUNEX has also established two strategic collaborations with prominent industry player and organisations for development of innovative digital assets ecosystems.

EUNEX-AAESP: A Collaboration for Digital Asset for E-Sports

On the same day of the grand launch, CEO of EUNEX Labs Korea, Jason H. Jang has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with President of Agri Mind, Adib Khalid to facilitate a supportive collaboration between EUNEX and Agri Mind to support the Agri Mind Alliance E-Sports Pass (AAESP) on the NExLAB platform and its future development in various markets.

President of Agri Mind, Adib Khalid gave his speech prior to the signing of MoU

Witnessed by Jeffrey Jiang, Director of E-Sports, Alisports, Calvin Lau, Chairman of Agri Mind and Alwin Tan, President of EUNEX Labs Korea, the MoU signifies a long-term collaboration where both parties will now seek more opportunities to develop the ecosystem, particularly for esports, and to provide each party with opportunities to grow and compete effectively in the relevant markets.

The signing of MoU was then followed by the official launch of AAESP in the digital asset market. AAESP is an innovative digital asset with a diverse variety of values attached, and which can be bought, sold or traded within the ecosystem. And as AAESP is built on a refined Blockchain ecosystem, every transaction is safe and secure.

AAESP is supported by an elaborate E-Sports ecosystem made up of a giant affiliation of EUNEX, Agri Mind (and its affiliates), Tune Group, WESG (Alisports), Beyond E-Sports (all E-Sports apps) and Tigers (world’s top 12 professional gaming team). Apart from creating an innovative digital asset for the E-Sports industry, AAESP’s mission is also to build and develop a sustainable E-Sports ecosystem while creating value for clients, associates and partners, where AAESP wishes to complete what is lacking in the current E-Sports industry.

AAESP can be utilised to make purchases or payments at all affiliated establishments such as for booking AirAsia flight tickets, paying esports tournament registration and entrance fees, paying for esports academic & vocational courses at Linton College, expenditures at all AAESP affiliated cafes and more!

EUNEX-ACO & MHSB: Digital Asset Wallet System & Cashless Community Project

Continuing on after the launch of AAESP, was also the momentous MoU signing between ASEAN Co-Operative Organization (ACO), MyAngkasa Holdings Sdn Bhd (MHSB) and Radial Tree Sdn Bhd (RTSB), a project company of EUNEX.

ACO is a regional organisation established to enhance and promote trade and benefits amongst the co-operative communities of its ASEAN member countries, while MyAngkasa Holdings Sdn Bhd (MBSH) is wholly-owned subsidiary company of Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (ANGKASA), the apex of co-operatives for the Malaysian co-operative movement at both national and international level.

The MoU was signed between Dato Abdul Fattah, Chairman of ACO, Shaharuddin, CEO of MHSB, and Donald Liew, representing RSTB – which will establish the strategic collaboration of these three parties to develop a Digital Token Wallet Ecosystem and a Cashless Community utilising the power of Blockchain Technology.

Through the MoU, EUNEX via Radial Tree, ACO and MHSB have agreed to facilitate and to provide full support in term of market data and analytics, industry’s expertise & know-how and all relevant matters to realise this collaboration!

The year has just begun, and EUNEX is more fired up than before! With belief that digital asset is the future trend, especially with the adoption of Blockchain technology, EUNEX will continue to thrive globally and the newly launched EUNEX Labs Korea will set it further!


EUNEX Group was first established in 2018. We envision to be a part of the ever-growing and evolving industry with our focus on utility and security digital assets. EUNEX offers a comprehensive range of product and services that include digital asset trading, margin trading, social trading, start-up accelerator and digital asset wallet.

EUNEX’s mission is to humanise digital asset services across Europe and Asia, by providing access to digital asset services to the people at good terms, and always prioritising asset security to the community.

EUNEX’s goal is to provide a suitable tool for people to participate in new digital economy and at the same time, to provide knowledge to projects that are in line with Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG AGENDA 2030).