Public Chain Technology — the future of blockchain?

Public Chain Technology — the future of blockchain?

Dec 4th 2018| Investment By:PCTA
“Could public chain technology pave the road map for the future of blockchain? Well, many are now saying yes!”

The Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) is an important step for Nebulas and other participating projects to pave the road map for the future.

For those who do not know, PCTA acts as a bridge to assist blockchain projects to go from concept to creation while also bridging developers and communities together.

As one of the first projects joining PCTA, XMAX is a blockchain designed for the entertainment industry. However, rather than being just another DApp, XMAX requires its own blockchain. Instead of trying to create a blockchain from scratch, the team quickly realized that it would be too big of a development process for its engineers. They decided to utilize Nebulas’ technology, and this means that they are able to create their own blockchain simply by forking Nebulas’ existing code and modifying where needed. Just like XMAX will be Powered by Nebulas, many popular blockchain projects have also started from code forks; with fewer hurdles to overcome, quality blockchain projects are able to thrive.

Recently, Nebulas was highlighted by Chinese billionaire and internet celebrity Hong Yu; publicly stating that “Nebulas is the Android of blockchain” and “Nebulas is one of the few trusted projects.” To paraphrase his full statement, he believes that by utilizing existing high quality code and services when available, blockchain projects can spend more time on their core mission, thereby accelerating the development of their unique features.

To exemplify his point; over 80% of mobile devices rely on the Android OS. Instead of each manufacture designing their own software from the ground up, they save a tremendous amount time and resources by using existing high quality software, thereby ensuring security, rapid development and interoperability. This clearly shows that major corporations are more interested in technical advancement versus reinventing the wheel, and, no doubt, this is exactly what blockchain needs for rapid progression.

Furthermore, one of the smartest moves Google ever made was to make the Android OS available for other companies to use. Now, 80% of all mobile devices are connected to Google products, and this means that manufactures have an easy on-ramp to modern features and services. Since Nebulas is clearly taking a similar route to Google, this opens the door to an amazing opportunity, and not just for Nebulas, but for other projects as well.

Indeed, as multiple blockchains utilize Nebulas’ underlying software, interoperability will be easily achieved, security will be more robust, and, as a result, Nebulas will be recognized as a true name in the blockchain industry, and far beyond!