Mars Session | Improvement of Education Form for Blockchain

Mars Session | Improvement of Education Form for Blockchain

Oct 26th 2018| Investment By:Sakura
It is difficult to improve one’s life through education.

Time: October 26,9:00 AM (Beijing Time);October 25, 8:00 PM (CST)

Group: Mars Blockchain Global Community

Sharing Guest: Adel ElMessiry, Chief Technology Mentor of ODEM

Session Host: Sakura, Manager of Mars Blockchain Global Community, 

Head of the Mars Finance International Website

Dr. Adel: The ODEM Platform empowers students to build their educational identity (ITE), create their digital educational profile (EAR), and verify their credentials (ICV). ODEM enables students to access quality educational content, customize it to their learning needs and financial means through program bidding and staking. Students can also monetize access to their data (ECV).

Educators can gauge student interest through rapid prototyping of programs using staking to develop and deliver impactful educational content and generate income by delivering programs and tutoring students.

Educators can also further increase their impact and increase revenue, sharing it with other qualified educators allowing them to teach their courses (PRS) and earn royalties (PCR).

Employers gain access to a larger pre-qualified talent pool, efficiently close skill gaps, streamline onboarding, internal training programs and on-the-job certifications (PSN).

Service providers gain access to new markets and business opportunities, providing students and educators with related services (e.g. facility management, translation, course facilitation, etc.).

ODEM generates revenue issuing certificates on the blockchain for all courses, by receiving a commission of net four percent (gross of five percent - of which one percent-pt goes to the ODEM Outreach Foundation) on transactions on the platform as well as through a subscription model to be rolled out in 2020.

Leverage strategic partnerships to further expand scope on the ODEM platform.

Sakura: So let's talk about education.For example, what's missing from education todayand why?

Dr. Adel: yes, we have big issues like:

- Many levels between the student and the educator,

- Records are not portable nor easily verifiable

- It is difficult to improve one’s life through education

Sakura: Could you tell us more about it?

Dr. Adel: sure, For the first time in history, blockchain technology

enables the creation of a decentralized repository of secure educational credentials in which scholastic records are easily accessible, immutable and traceable.

empowers students to control their data

while allowing permissioned peer-to-peer sharing with institutions, recruiting firms or employers

without the presence of a central authority or middleman.

Academic records are permanently ‘chained’ as new accomplishments are added over a lifetime of learning.

This is the fundamental building block of the educational process, which is the certificate.

Sakura: l get it,and I know that you have been in the health industry. May I ask you about the transformation of your two industries

Dr. Adel: sure. Both industries have one thing in common: lots of middlemen and neither the patient nor the student really controls their data.

So, like the education industry, healthcare has difficulties in porting patient records and moving them around.

Sakura: So, is that the problem you're solving? Using blockchain technology?

Dr. Adel: Sure

Education today lacks…

- Accessibility  

- Affordability  

- Verifiability

- Transferability.

Which can be solved by using Blockchain technology.

Sakura: I know, these are detailed in your PPT

Dr. Adel: yes, for example when I was doing research, it was very hard to get my work ported back or verified. In short, ODEM converts education records into digital immutable portable assets.

Sakura: OK, We know that education is an important national policy. Do you think the national strength can be enhanced by improving education industry?

Dr. Adel: Absolutely! Let me tell you why I think so

Sakura: OK, please~

Dr. Adel: Education is not just a phase that we go through, it is actually the foundation of our productive life.

The better we can prepare our generations through education to have the skills, talent and knowledge, the better their future will be.

Sakura:I understand. Please continue

Dr. Adel:So, in ODEM we want to unlock the human potential by enhancing the building block of education process, which is the certificate.

Sakura: So, what stage is the project at?

Dr. Adel: We just activated on the main net at Switch conference where we generated the first certificate to EU congressman

We also have a closed beta running.

Sakura: We all hope that ODEM will bring us a better education form.

And you just mentioned that Many levels between the student and the educator. What do you think these levels are mainly about?

Dr. Adel: Mainly meddle men that used to play a critical role in facilitating the education process. However, now they add more overhead on the student.

Think more online retail verses stores.

Sakura: Yes, they earn a lot of money. Through layers of channels

Dr. Adel: yes, if we can focus this energy on the actual education, everyone will benefit .

Sakura: It's a great project.Last question, What are you looking for?

Dr. Adel: We are looking for eduction partners such as universities, institutions, educators and companies to expand our network.

Sakura: This is great.That's all I'm asking, so what else does Dr. Adel want to say to us?

Dr. Adel: It is an honor to be in this wonderful community and participate in building the next level of Blockchain Technology

Sakura: This is great. So that's the end of today's sharing,

Dr. Adel: Thank you.

Sakura: Thank you Dr. Adel for attending our first activity

Dr. Adel: My pleasure