New Function of Mars Finance is Launched, Industry Data Real-Time  Detection

New Function of Mars Finance is Launched, Industry Data Real-Time Detection

Oct 12th 2018| Investment By:Sakura
New features for Mars finance,focus on the global digital market,dynamic full aspect analysis.

Today, Mars Global is launching anew website feature to capture a better scope of the cryptocurrency market dynamic, the Data page.

The Data feature include real-time major currencies market price, changes in the total market value, trade volume of global exchanges, and a comprehensive market overview. Users can now view changes in the cryptocurrency market easier and more up-to-date.

Mars Finance has always been trying to improve its service to enhance user experience, and now with the updated feature, the global version website becomes a one-stop platform for blockchain professionals and advocates.

Mars Finance Group is dedicated to focus on the blockchain industry, with a business philosophy of evolving platform, community, and ecosystem. Mars Finance Group serves both the industry and the market, keeping pace with the forefront of blockchain’s emerging trends. In order to promote the transformation of traditional industry and to stimulate the development of blockchain technology, application, and investment, Mars Group has been building a value-sharing blockchain ecosystem. Currently,Mars Finance Group is comprised of the following service areas: Media, Industry Data, Community Operation, Training and Education, Summit and Exhibition.